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                October remains my favorite month of the year. The leaves have all changed into gorgeous colors, but no tourists are around to interfere with my walks with the dog to enjoy the foliage.

              Work is non-stop, and this calendar year has gone by faster than any other year of my life. Still, it is interesting with everything that is involved with an organization-wide software update. To say that there are a lot of details is an understatement. My schedule has changed so that now I am apparently going to KC, Missouri, in January and March of next year. I hope it will be as interesting as I think it will be.

              Regina and I went to go see the movie Crimson Peak yesterday. It was great to watch on a visual level, and while there were clichés, none of them were so onerous as to be distracting or detrimental for my enjoyment of the film.

              I am currently reading Cujo, by Stephen King, and I finished the anime series Full Metal Alchemist not long ago. I am also growing to like the new David Gilmour album, after repeated listenings.

              I am trying to get the television hooked up in such a fashion so that it can stream Netflix. Once accomplished, I will be getting rid of cable altogether, because it will save us over one hundred dollars a month, and I will be paying for shows/movies I want, as opposed to an excess of idiocy. Now if I can just figure out if it is the new blu-ray player or the television that is at fault for why it is now working, I will be in business.

              Still haven’t hit the lottery yet, damn it all.

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