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              Two weeks until the clocks get turned ahead.

              The Oscars are tonight; I could not care less.

              Boskone was fun, as usual. It was a shame so many people could not make it, but I enjoyed the company of those who did. The break of five days from work was appreciated by both of us, regardless of who was there or what the weather was like. The most amusing expressions were produced by Neal, who came to Boston wanting to experience a true New England winter. In the years that I have been coming to Boskone, I think it is accurate to state that the snow, temperatures, and wind were easily the worst that I have experienced so far in my life. I enjoyed the look of horrified fascination on Neal’s face one morning when we came down to the lobby and saw him looking outside. That pretty much said it all.

              Oh, and I also dropped over a hundred dollars in the dealers room, so that was good, too. Seanan McGuire would have been pleased, considering that I now only need one book left to complete the set of a series of hers.

              Things have been quiet as of late. The single biggest problem at the moment is that about an hour into my workweek on Tuesday, I completely threw my hips and lower back out, and have been in a constant, albeit fluctuating state of pain since. I am better, but this is really old, now. Who knew that a hip higher than the other, and a twisted sacrum, could cause such pain? I blame four days in a strange bed combined with walking in ridiculous temperatures down in Boston. Also, a significantly decreased amount of walking in my life due to temperatures and no dog to go outside with.

              We did find a fantastic Italian restaurant within walking distance of the Westin hotel which I have now burned into my memory for future use, however. The food was excellent.

              I watched the original Seven Samurai this week, as well as John Wick, and the first eight episodes of the series New Girl. Enjoyable, all.    

              Also getting a lot of reading done, also. That is a plus. Now, if only the weather would turn….

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