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Time for a new post

              Four weeks until the clocks get turned ahead.

              I am really getting sick of this combination of snow every other day and the temperature staying well below freezing. Enough already.

              So the interim Materials Management director has now been at the hospital for a week, and I have to say that I am very optimistic.

              He is seventy years old, and has spent something like forty-plus years in the realm of Materials Management specifically. My understanding is that he is here at the hospital at the behest of the interim CEO, and that his job, however long it takes, is to get my department updated to current procedures, standards, technology, and methods.

              He seems like a nice enough guy, and certainly does not come across as seventy. However, my impression is that he is also all business, straightforward, and no-nonsense. This only makes sense given that he is expected to produce potentially drastic changes and results in my overall department.

              If he gets the support from the CEO and the funding necessary to make some of the changes that I expect, it is a question of when the changes start happening, and what they will be. There is no longer a question of IF.

              This is awesome immediately in several ways.

              First, my regular boss does not have a materials management background. This is not his fault, and no one who works under him has such a background, either. However, the fact that he is the manager and has not, to my knowledge, done a great deal to become better acclimated with how things are done in such an environment, IS his fault.

              Plus, there is the simple added bonus that there is now someone who does have the necessary background that not only is his new boss, but who is also going to be directly looking over his shoulder at how he does things. This fact alone would be enough to make me love the new guy.

              The hospital has been in the process for months of looking at a new, completely system-wide software program. Even if the primary attention is on the other departments, this new guy will probably make sure that we get updated also, as we are pathetically behind in that regard.

              As an example?

              The computer program that I use at work has a copyright date of 1989.

              Yes, you read that year right. No, I am not fucking with you.

              I am very interested to see what happens in the coming months. I think that anyone who has any problems with adapting, changes, or learning new skill sets is in trouble, and they had better get over them quickly.

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