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February already

              Only five weeks left until the clocks get turned ahead. Not that I am counting or anything.

              The sun is out, which is making a fractional dent in the fact that the temperature is well below freezing. The weather has been particularly bad the last week, with large amounts of snow falling on Tuesday and Friday.

              Naturally, this meant that this past work week was the first time in two and a half years that I had to go out on the roads as a courier for the hospital organization.

              We have couriers that deliver mail, laundry, and patient specimens (with all that that implies) to and from the hospitals, as well as the outer auxiliary practices and businesses.

              A series of badly timed events occurred to require this. Two of the regular couriers were injured, one of which in such a fashion that it is highly questionable whether he will ever be back. The other is only out for a week, or at least that is what several people are devoutly hoping. There were two other people who could have done the route that I did, but one hates it and has the right to refuse it. The other one told my boss that he is too old and infirm in certain ways to want to do it, and said that he would outright quit if my boss tried to make him drive. So, that narrowed down the options to, well, me.

              The route itself is not difficult by any means; the regular couriers get paid a good deal less than I do, so I was really getting paid to drive, as opposed to think. However, going from driving four plus hours a day along with carrying boxes makes a person quite tired if that is not what you are used to doing on a regular basis for your job.

              The fact that I was driving a vehicle that I was not used during the two worst weather days this area has had so far this calendar year was not lost on me from an irony sense. I am now quite impressed with all-wheel drive vehicles, however. They use up gas like crazy, but I am quite convinced that they can get through almost anything.

              In the meantime, my boss packed up his office and left for the building downtown, as his new director starts up tomorrow. I am wondering how much he is sweating versus looking forward to picking the new director’s brain.

              My boss did finally get permission to replace the co-worker who left in mid-December last week, as well as the woman who retired from the Franklin Hospital stockroom the week before last. She had put in her notice at the beginning of December, so you had two months there where someone could have been found to replace her.

              You may be getting the idea that the hospital is not exactly the speediest business going with regards to replacing personnel. You would be correct.Con

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